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If you're a fan of the American Paint Horse or just horses in general, you should enjoy this web site.  The LPHC sponsors APHA approved horse shows and other events that should be of interest to Paint Horse enthusiast.  We're growing and expecting big things this year.  Come join us!

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  Attention!   LPHC Slate of Officers for 2007 & General Membership Meeting

Please plan to join us for a general membership meeting during the break on Saturday, November 11.  We'll elect officers and Board members for 2007.  Nominees for officers & Board members are:

President:     Kerry Barnes

Vice-President:  Don Roberts

Secretary:  Lynn Hargus

Treasurer:  Mary Parrott

Nominees for the Board of Directors are:  Tim Guidry, Jodie Nolan, Arrah Cicala, Henry Westerlage & Dave Parrott.  LPHC can't have too many volunteers!  We've already begun planning for 2007, and we'd welcome your ideas and support.



Attention!    LPHC regrets that due to declining sales in the stallion service auction as well as decreasing participation and entries in the futurities over the last four years, the 2006 High Cotton futurity will the last year for our Breeder's weanling and yearling halter futurities until such time that we can again offer the stallion service sale. 

LPHC will offer a full slate of Breeder's futurity classes this year and we have added $7,500 to the purses to be distributed.  The Board also voted to allocate funds for added money to the following classes for the years 2007-2009 as we phase out our Breeder's futurities:

For 2007: yearling longe line, 2 year old western pleasure futurity and the 3 year old western pleasure maturity

For 2008:  2 year old western pleasure futurity and the 3 year old western pleasure maturity;

For 2009: 3 year old western pleasure maturity

LPHC wishes to thank all of you who supported our stallion service sale and futurity over the years.  We hope to be able to revive the stallion service sale and futurity at some future date.


Make plans now to join us for the 2006 High Cotton Futurities at the Ike Hamilton Expo Center in West Monroe.  The 2006 schedule and format has changed to accommodate our exhibitors.  We will have 4 judges this year and will run our Paint-O-Rama over a two day schedule.  Cattle, reining and speed events will be held on Friday, beginning at noon with cutting, with Saturday's schedule including the halter futurities and remaining classes.  The flat rate fee of $150 per horse/per day for unlimited entries will apply!    Our Judges are: John Aipperspach, David Terrell, Mary Ingwerson and Michael Jesch.

Tootsie North, our Show Secretary, can be reached at:

Phone: 601-313-6119 (office); 601-878-5027 (home); 601-313-6455 (fax)
Email:   (office) or   (home)

You can also enter online at

Click below for: 

To reserve cattle, call Lynn Hargus at 318-547-0223.  Deadline for all cattle reservations & pre-entry for cattle classes is November 4th.

RECOMMENDED HOTELS (Ask for the LPHC High Cotton Show Rates!)

Holiday Inn Express 318-807-6000
Fairfield Inn 318-388-3810

We hope to see you at the High Cotton Futurity and Paint-O-Rama next month!



We know that everyone is anxious, but the point standings should be posted within the next day or two.  We're currently attempting to get the points into a format that you will be able to download.

Some members need to pay their work hours!  Please contact Lynn to confirm work hours and/or payment for hours worked.

Please remember the 2006 requirement!

To receive a year-end award, you must work 2 hours for the club at either the February Zone-O-Rama or the July New Iberia show and 1 hour at the Azalea Classic show. You may pay $25 per hour not worked (for a total of $75) towards the cost of show help


Attention! THE LOUISIANA PAINT HORSE CLUB sponsors Paint Horse Shows that are recognized by the American Paint Horse Association.

The American Paint Horse is a beautiful warm-blooded breed of horses. Our horses, which are descendents of the horses that were brought to the New World by the Spanish explorers, are bred for their wonderful white markings, along with superior athletic ability and a sound mind.

While registered Paints are considered "Stock-type" horses, they are extraordinarily versatile horses. The breed is extremely popular and it is a fast-growing breed with approximately 50,000 new foals being registered each year. 

Orren Mixers Stallions The painting on the left is titled "Stallions" and it is by the world-renowned artist Orren Mixer. It depicts the two main coat patterns, Overo and Tobiano. A Tobiano Overo cross, commonly referred to as Tovero, is also seen in the breed, but not in the painting. The stallion on the left is an Overo and the one on the right is a Tobiano.

If you'd like to visit the web site of the American Paint Horse Association, just click on Orren Mixer's "Stallions" painting. You'll find a wealth of Paint Horse information there.

Horse, Paints, Horses, Louisiana Paint Ho

Attention! PRINTABLE PRE-ENTRY FORM S for our shows are now available online.  We hope you'll find it a convenient way to ease those hectic show mornings.  If you'd like to use this form for the April, July, and November shows, click here.

Horse, Paints, Horses, Louisiana Paint Ho

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